Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Still not setteled yet???

Dinning room wall coming down

Walking into the house

Pic#1 Kitchen, #2Dining room,
#3Upstairs bathroom (the seen of the crime),

You Know me I do like a good roller coaster ride but I think that this one is a doooooozy!!!!!!!!!!!

I was rudely awaken on Sunday morning by the cat to find that it was raining in the house not outside like it should be. By the way thank you cinder for waking me up, you are such a good cat. So now it is time to demo. dry out then reconstruction. Ruffly 45 days. Move stuff back in and unpack all over again . I guess it wasn't done right the 1st time so I will have to do it over again. In the mean time, I will reside at the La Quinta Inn in Albany. Have a great week everyone I will try and have a quite one.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad The Big 71 this year. I sure hope that you have a wonderful Day.

I had a very rude awakening this morning and now a big mess to clean sorry I won't be there for your cake I hope that you enjoy it though. Love you