Wednesday, April 21, 2010

what a weekend


The Hula Lesson

Well it has been a long but fun weekend just the same. Paul had his birthday on Friday, but he was in Texas, so we will do some thing when he gets back. Then was My Friend Michele's birthday

We had a surprise party for her on Sunday. Was she surprised. Monday and Tuesday we took off from work and her and I went up the coast to Astoria, saw the sights and eat are way through the coast. 1st stop Newport and lunch with Sharon. then up to Astoria. Stayed at the Holiday Inn Express right under the Bridge to Washington. Had dinner and then bed. Wow its Tuesday I got to sleep in. Any way we went sight seeing . Flavel House built in 1885 was the 1st place we went, took a lot of pictures.then up the hill to the Astoria Column it has 164 steps to the top. the view from the hill was good enough for me I wasn't climbimg up the step.Stop number 3 the Columbia river Maritime Museum. Sure a lot going on there. Then off to stop #4, Lewis and Clark National and State Historical Park AKA Fort Clatsop in my op ion very cool. Headed South for the next stop, before we got there we had several little vista stop before You Guessed it Tillamook for some Ice Cream and the tour, then south again to Spirit Mountain for Dinner at the buffet Yummmmmmmmmm! It was a short ,long ,and fun time had by all who went Happy Birthday Michele Hope it was a good one for you. Went back to work today tired but in one piece.